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Trying some new ways of picking colors for my digital pieces. I was not aware that Illustrator has a tint slider. I feel much more confident sticking to a very limited number of hues with a tint and shade for each. This illustration uses only three: blue, pink, and tan.

Twinbee is one of my favorite video games - it perfectly captures the weird concepts and bright colors that find their way into my work. Not sure where this pose came from, but I didn't want it to waste away in my sketchbook.

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Trying out a challenge to myself - to create "finished" pieces with a limited color palette on a consistent schedule. I am still working out the final guidelines. I think I would like to challenge myself to use a new texture in each piece as well.

I've had this unfinished sketch in my sketchbook forever. Even though I'm not entirely happy with it - it feels great to finally have it done!

15 Minutes Continue

Water-soluble graphite on multimedia paper.


Brown Blackberries and Old Magazines

Earlier in the day, I sketched some blackberries. Their leaves were brown and curling in some interesting ways. The final sketch was a bit light, and didn't fill the page quite enough. I decided to layer a new sketch on top of the old one - ignoring the lines I made before and letting the two compositions overlap.
I tried not to let my decisions in the previous sketch inform the look and decisions of the new sketch. The two unintentionally created something unique and better than the sum of its parts.

Grey Pidgeon

Enveloping Technique

Attempting to incorporate different ways of seeing and sketching into my daily practice. This time, I focused on creating an outside skeleton shape that would allow me to draw the leaves of this plant at the correct lengths.

Flair tip pen lines with warm grey marker for shadows.